Monday, 17 January 2011

1st Viscount Strangford

I was at the Linen Hall Library in central Belfast again today, researching the 1st Viscount Strangford, about whom I can find little information; information pertaining to Strangford and his connection with the area, why that particular territorial title was selected.

Nevertheless I have done what I can and I've written an article about Lord Strangford and his family.

Seemingly there were two gentlemen in Ulster during the 1600s with the title Sir Thomas Smith, Smythe or Smithe and spelling most likely was not standardized in those days. The family I am interested in is mentioned here.

I'm aware of Sir Thomas Smith and his plantation in the Ards.

I brought the little Dell Mini 9 along to the library and I obtained a good reception from BT Openzone; so I was able to draft the article for my blog in the reading-room.

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