Saturday, 1 January 2011

Crown Equerry Quits

The Daily Telegraph reports that the Crown Equerry, Major Simon Robinson, has tendered his resignation, though will remain in the post until March, 2011.

The Crown Equerry is responsible for the provision of vehicular transport for the Sovereign, both cars and horse-drawn carriages.

Major Robinson is understood to have been moved to a temporary role with the team planning the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, which will take place after he has left his post on April 29.

During his time as Crown Equerry Major Robinson was one of the Queen’s closest members of staff and lived in a three-storey house within the grounds of Buckingham Palace.

He would invite the Queen and Prince Philip to his home for tea, and enjoyed going shooting with Prince Philip.

"Major Robinson was one of only a handful of aides permitted to telephone the Queen directly.

But his position at the palace came under scrutiny in 2009 when rumours arose of a breakdown in his marriage. Major Robinson insists no improper behaviour took place.

He was initially asked to leave his post and offered a redundancy package of up to £80,000 but was kept at the palace after a personal intervention by the Queen, the Daily Mail reported.

Major Robinson reportedly continued to work at the palace in a diminished role until October, when he quit as Crown Equerry and took up the post of Assistant Comptroller in the Lord Chamberlain’s office".


Irishlad said...

"Crown Equerry" eh? nice work if you could get it. Suit you down to the ground Tim!

Timothy Belmont said...

Not what you know, who you know and all that rot! Didn't even know there was a vacancy :-)