Friday, 7 January 2011

New Tesco Store

I passed the location of the former Tesco Local store at 1-3, Belmont Road, Belfast (within the exempt jurisdiction of the Earldom of Belmont!) this morning en route to the gym.

It is believed that a brand new Express store will open in several months' time.

As soon as I receive further details, I'll post them on the Blog.


John Self said...

Very useful information, for which much thanks. We had been wondering what was happening there.

And much as we eschew Tesco for the main weekly shop, and now nip round to M&S or Tesco Ballyhack for those evening necessities, no doubt we will be tempted back from time to time. I daresay the other traders on Belmont Road will be pleased - with the exception of the Mace franchisee.

Timothy Belmont said...

My sentiments, too! It would be handy occasionally.

I imagine it will be stiff competition for the Mace, though.

Are Express stores dearer than regular ones?

fattakin said...

Yes they are usually slightly more expensive and carry more convenient & pre-perpared food as opposed to the local still being a grocery store. But still handy in a dash :)

I liked the old one as we could alternate our shop between the big knocknagoney store and the local, as typically , a visit to the big store saw me spend twice as much!

Timothy Belmont said...

I think we're on the same wavelength. ;-)

The builders can't be doing anything major structurally within that time stricture.

Perhaps an automatic entrance, re-located to the centre front?

John Self said...

Well there have been some workmen seen coming and going from within the body of the store for the last few weeks, so who knows what has gone on inside? We were told by Tesco at the closure of the previous store that it had leakage and other issues, so some internal works must have taken place.