Sunday, 30 January 2011

Murine Scratching?

I took it easy last night, viewing The Tudors and some shows I'd recorded, including Mastermind. Further indulgence followed when Timothy Belmont phoned for a takeaway.

My aunt and cousins arrived later in order for one of them to print out a flight check-in document from my computer. My aunt was waiting in the sitting-room and, when we came downstairs, inquired if I had a cat in the house. No.

My aunt had heard a scratching noise coming from above the ceiling. I joked that somebody was locked in a wardrobe and thought she must have heard creaky pipes or floorboards.

When they left I sat in the room for a few seconds and, sure enough, I heard a bizarre scratching noise. I was convinced it was a small animal like a bird or rodent.

I ran upstairs and unlocked a window - no sign of anything. I put the spot-light on outside and looked up - not a thing. The scratching persisted!

After about ten minutes it ceased. I am convinced that it was a small rodent which had managed to get between a section of roof and the ceiling.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me check in online Timothy - the boarding pass was fine which was just as well as I had no time to spare! So Mum and Ali were right - you did have a rodenty visitor!!

Timothy Belmont said...

No sinister noises so far this evening! Glad the check-in went smoothly and good to see you again.