Sunday, 16 January 2011

The Little Bercow

I am not at all surprised that a number of Conservative MPs are "running a whispering campaign" against the Speaker, little Bercow.

I cannot stand the man being Speaker, quite intolerable. I know that I can be reactionary at times; however, little Bercow is beyond the Pale.

The man is a "Modernizer" and refuses to wear the traditional ceremonial attire of the Speaker. How he ever got elected as a Conservative MP is incomprehensible to Timothy Belmont.

I imagine that almost all right-wing MPs are unfavourably disposed to him.

Let the Commons have a debate and vote on the man, dismiss him as Speaker and cast him adrift without a life peerage.


Pippakin said...

Looks like the T shirt should sell well....

Sharon Owens said...

Tim, I wish you'd write a celebrity column in the style of Lord Belmont and submit it to the Belfast Telegraph. I think it'd go down a bomb. Email Gail Walker and tell her I sent you. I can just see it now: "The tabloid personality known as Jordan has threatened to set her husband's attire alight and cast him adrift without any visible means of support. How appallingly vulgar. Lord Belmont is affronted..."

Sharon Owens said...

Hi Tim,

I just emailed Gail myself and invited her to have a look at your blog. She's a busy girl but you never know.


Timothy Belmont said...

Hi Sharon!

Gail knows about me because someone referred me as one of the Province's most eligible bachelors awhile ago!

As soon as they realized that I am not a peer of the realm and it is merely the blog title, I was dropped like a red-hot cake! ;-)

I might email her this article, though!

belfast cabby said...

I love the idea of you writing a celebrity column, i would definitely read it.

You could be to the celebrity column what Stewart Hall is to the football column!

Sharon Owens said...

Dear Tim,

I always enjoy your posts and I'm sure the nation would enjoy them too.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should bring out a book for next Christmas? It could include some of your more memorable postings, and interviews with some of the gentry who you meet at funerals, etc.

Anonymous said...

I found the eligible bachelor and not being a peer comment very funny!


Timothy Belmont said...

W, it actually amuses me, too!

Some seem to think I really am a peer; and I keep reminding them to read my profile!

That said, it is flattering that I must "come over" as so convincing. :-)

Irishlad said...

A snippet from tonight's Belfast Telegraph's Sarah Sand column concerning the eponymous gentleman,i quote; "For some reason,Bercow decides to speak as he were in Wolf Hall "The courtesy of the House is that honourable members should stand aside when the Speaker passes by" The honourable member growls ,and i quote, "You are not effing Royalty Mr Speaker" Bercow squeals after him:"well good morning to you,Sir"