Friday, 21 January 2011

London: Day 3

Today has been uneventful. We walked into central Harrow and walked through St George's shopping centre followed, closely, by St Anne's centre.

Later we took a tube to Westminster, where we ambled to a bar at Whitehall called the Lord Moon of the Mall. I had a fair snifter, viz. a large Tanqueray and tonic; followed closely by a chicken wrap; and then a single Tanqeray.

From the bar we jumped on a bus at Trafalgar Square for Regent Street, which was moderately busy.

At four forty-five we took another tube to Green Park and went to the royal cheese merchants, Paxton and Whitfield at Jermyn Street.

Nothing terribly exciting today.


Anonymous said...

Did you go into Bonhams or Sothebys on New Bond St? You must have been close by on Regents St.
A great pub I occasionally went to when I first moved to England (and had a girlfriend from Northwood) was the Rose & Crown (WD3 1PP). It wouldn't be too far from Harrow and it still looks nice from its website. The is some nice woodland around that area too. Whatever, enjoy you stay.
Cheers, J

Timothy Belmont said...

I was advised to go to Bonham's for the particular items I had.