Saturday, 29 January 2011

Tree Thinning

I had a sore head this morning, having been out with Janice at a little French bistro on Ormeau Road, Belfast, called L'Etoile. It was all slightly evocative of 'Allo 'Allo! I had the pork in sauce; Janice, the swordfish; and for pudding I ate crème brûlée; while Janice had the crepe with ice-cream. In conjunction with copious amounts of plonk!

As a consequence of this - the morning after the night before - I arose from the old slumber at an unusual time and only just made it to the NT volunteer day at Minnowburn (now there's dedication for you!).

Today there were about seven of us thinning a section of woodland, the particular trees being beech. The requisite tools were bow saws and loppers. I hadn't had time to make up a packed lunch last night or this morning, so I brought some fruit along and Patricia very kindly shared her chicken tikka sandwiches with me.

Before departing I filled a few sacks with logs from the barn.


Sharon Owens said...

You trooper, Tim!!!

We've just cried off a family "do" with the flu and I feel terrible about it - really guilty - I hate letting people down.

For a speedy lunch I keep bagels in the freezer anf then grab some on the way out - they defrost by lunchtime - and go well a banana.

I envy your life - all this volunteer work and lunching out - well done!!!

Timothy Belmont said...

Hi Sharon!

Well it's all disgustingly decadent ;-)

I might well treat myself to a nice roaring log fire tomorrow to warm the toes.

Tortillas are also very handy in the freezer and defrost quickly - great for a nice chilli chicken wrap with salad, mustard mayo etc

belfast cabby said...

I have heard some good reports about L'Etoile what did you think of it Tim, apart from the outside could do with a good clean!!

Timothy Belmont said...

Read my review on Lookaly! :-)

We quite liked it. Tiny and Bohemian. Friendly staff; meals could have been hotter - not piping hot. My creme brulee was average. Still, we both enjoyed it.

Mad Mandy Moans said...

Try making a bacon and egg butty the night before and wrapping it up in tin foil. I do that and on one trip to Dublin when I opened them they stank. But they were the best we'd ever tasted ... even the wee scouse git said so and had to have one even though I'd made them for his long suffering wife.
I make them for his breakfast when he comes to stay. B likes bacon butties with brown sauce. Still in diffs with the food poison. You are my hero for all the info and good works. And the stamina!!!