Thursday, 2 February 2012

Feminist Wet Blankets

Surely they must be that ghastly blend of socialist-feminist? They have banned Top Totty Blonde Beer from the Strangers' Bar at the Houses of Parliament.

What utter rot!

The Labour Party's so-called "equalities" spokesman, Kate Green, was left ''disturbed'' after seeing the 4 per cent ale's advertising in the popular parliamentary watering hole and demanded bar staff remove it from sale.

Within 90 minutes, House authorities ordered the beer to be withdrawn after Commons' Leader Sir George Young told MPs: ''Action will be taken.''

A barman told the Press Association: ''I can confirm it was withdrawn from sale at 1.30pm.''

The bitter backlash developed after Ms Green told the Commons: ''I was disturbed last night to learn that the guest beer in the Strangers' Bar is called Top Totty and there is a picture of a nearly naked woman on the tap.''


Violet Lily Rose said...

They could always replace it with a beer logo depicting A gent in swimming trunks displaying his two marbles and matchstick!

You profess to be an ardent swimmer, are you up to the modelling job?

Timothy Belmont said...

Ha ha! Excellent. I enjoyed that. Well, ladies, I'll gladly pose for you, despite innate modesty (!).

Seeing is believing.

Timothy Belmont said...

Would the modelling job be for your own concoction of beer or ale?

I'd be concerned that an image of his lordship, demi-naked, may not generate the requisite profits for you.

Skullmartin said...

Truly Bizarre!