Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Ad Infinitum

BT Infinity is being installed at Belmont GHQ on Friday, 29th June, 2012. The Earl of Belmont is reliant on BT for the satisfactory transmission of his blog website.

I am apprised that, unlike ADSL which typically delivers far lower speeds than the maximum headline speed marketed, BT Infinity usually delivers very close to the maximum possible.

While no reliable results for the new 76Mbit/s service are available, the previous up to 40Mbit/s service (now re-branded as up to 38Mbit/s) has been shown to deliver a median speed of 38Mbit/s.


Anonymous said...

what does this mean to the man in the street ?

Timothy Belmont said...

It's faster!

Gavin Bamford said...

Do BT rewire the cable right into the house or does the signal still come down 2 copper wires from the street pole?

Timothy Belmont said...

Any readers know that one?