Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Ballyclare Christmas

Timothy Belmont has spent a particularly agreeable Christmas with friends at Ballyclare, County Antrim.

Abundant food and drink was partaken by all; I even donned the chef's hat, in a figurative sense of course (!).

Last night we viewed a film called Happy-Go-Lucky.

I am now home at Belmont GHQ. I'll doubtless watch the drama this evening about Sir Alfred Hitchcock's infatuation with the actress Tippy Hedren.

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Anonymous said...

His lordship hasn't missed much to be honest.. as regards the itchywhatsit program.. sorry to say the actOr is nothing like itchywhatsit and the story is all from tipsy Hedron's point of view.. the Anthony Hopkins one due for release might give a better insight. Never the less watch it!