Sunday, 30 December 2012

Winter Apparel

I motored into town, keeping the roof of the two-seater firmly in place, parked at Royal Avenue, and walked the short distance to Castle Court shopping centre, a place I last visited quite some time ago.

Having refreshed myself with a cup of coffee and a raspberry & almond cake at Costa, I briefly toured Debenham's and a few other retailers, prior to the five-minute walk to Marks & Spencer, at Donegall Place.

Therein I sought a few "bargains", viz. a faux trapper hat, in order to keep the noble scalp heated; a set of white under-vests; a pair of moccasin-style, every-day slippers (I already have two pairs, one of which is made by Church's).

Last, though not least, a pair of black, knitted, thermal gloves (Mad Pierre still has one of my black leather gloves, which I dropped in his jalopy a month ago).

So there you have it. Now I am home, at Belmont GHQ. Christmas has been good, again.


Anonymous said...

Please can we have a photograph of you wearing your new trapper hat!

Timothy Belmont said...

Just wearing the hat? Nothing else? ;-)

Anonymous said...

If you insist!