Monday, 14 October 2013

7th Earl of Caledon

The Caledon Estate in County Tyrone is one of Northern Ireland's most private country estates; certainly one of the finest.

The village of Caledon, County Tyrone, is a mere seven miles from the City of Armagh.

The Caledon estate straddles counties Tyrone and Armagh and is adjacent to the border with the Irish Republic.

Caledon estate is the seat of the Right Honourable Nicholas James Alexander, Earl of Caledon, Lord-Lieutenant of County Armagh and a Justice of the Peace.

Lord Caledon re-married in 2008 to Amanda Cayzer, and they had a private wedding in Chelsea.

He has country estates in Oxfordshire, County Tyrone (3,000 acres) and Hertfordshire.

Caledon Castle is pictured.

Lord Caledon's son and heir is Frederick, Viscount Alexander; and he has a teenage daughter, Lady Leonora.

Lord Caledon's sister, Lady Jane Alexander, is an equine therapist and lives in the village of Caledon.

Lord Caledon has a distant cousin, the Earl Alexander of Tunis, whose father was the illustrious war-time field-marshal.

Caledon arms courtesy of European Heraldry. First published July, 2009.

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