Saturday, 19 October 2013

La Scarpetta Restaurant

I dined at la Scarpetta Italian restaurant in Corralejo this evening. It was practically empty when I arrived at seven twenty.

Mario, mine host, greeted me and showed me to a little table at the back. He explained that the two tables at front of house were reserved.

I had determined to avoid alcohol today, so I ordered a fizzy orange.

The menu is varied and, as one would expect, comprised mostly pasta dishes. They have a standard menu and a special menu.

I ordered the beef ravioli and tiramisu for dessert.

Peculiarly enough, I was slightly underwhelmed, even disappointed. The food was fine and home-made.

The portions are not overly generous though, to my mind. My ravioli was perfectly acceptable, though the portion was more akin to a large starter. Parmesan cheese came finely grated in a little dish with a spoon.

The tiramisu was OK, though again a very small portion measuring about three inches square in my estimation.

Call me a gastronomic philistine, though I'd have preferred a hearty helping of Tesco's regular tiramisu instead.

Despite my criticism, this is undoubtedly a popular and well-established restaurant: Many of the tables were occupied by 'regulars' when I took my leave, having paid the €19 bill.


Hernandez said...

Tim, I would recommend a restaurant called 'Dovela', in near the main square by the harbour. It is a basque restaurant. High quality food and very good service. Hopefully it is still there (I last visited in March 2012).

Timothy Belmont said...

Hello Hernandez, it seems to have closed down. I tried Calle Iglesia and the sea front and cannot find it.