Monday, 7 October 2013

Corralejo: II

The weather has been fine, sunny and very warm here. I spent about three hours at the main beach.

It's ten past six and the sun still shines brightly. The blasted internet connection at my apartment still doesn't work, so I'm having a cafe condensado at El Cantante bar and making use of their free wifi instead.

My tapas at El Kactus was splendid last night. The little morsels of beef fillet in a creamy cognac sauce were delicious, especially since the dish cost a mere €6 or €7.

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Anonymous said...

Pleased you are enjoying the lovely island of FV. Family was in el Cantante 10 days ago. Super food and friendly staff. Have you visited McCarthys yet? Good live music but had to make do with tasty honey rum as coffee not available!
Picta Princessa d'Escocia