Thursday, 24 October 2013

The Map Pilot

The two-seater has a satellite navigation system, viz. the Map Pilot, manufactured by a company called Becker.

Now here's the rummy thing: I have only ever used it on a few occasions.

The first time was to get me from an area of Manchester to the city of Liverpool.

During late August, when I was in south Fermanaghshire (!), it proved itself helpful in getting me to a guesthouse near Newtownbutler.

I've never, so far, used it anywhere else in Northern Ireland.

Do any readers own a Map Pilot?

I SEE that Apple has launched the fifth version of its iPad, the iPad Air. I purchased a new iPad 4 in August.

I'd be keen to hear from readers in a similar posish; or who might be considering an upgrade of their iPad.

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Bigmac62 said...

I have an I pad 3, which has now been joined by an I phone 4s, I got a good deal because there is now an I phone 5, Apple seem to bring out a new version of each every year, I don't know much about the IPad 5 but I for one will not be updating as the version I have now seems to do what I want it to do. The draw back of I Pad is it's inability to open various format documents, some you can get an App to open, some I just can't open, and I seem to have downloaded every App known to man for that purpose. So at times it's back to the laptop, and all that booting up, but that apart it's a great bit of kit and can do so many things, so at about £500, it will have to last a bit longer, and by the way, they still sell the I pad 2.