Wednesday, 22 April 2015


I'd already consumed a few refreshers, viz. the Tanquerays, during the afternoon, so opted for the rather more salubrious agua con gas this evening at Avenida.

Avenida is a very popular local restaurant in Corralejo; though it was quiet when I darkened their door earlier this evening.

I took a table at the window and asked for the said water.

Sea-bass was one of the Specials; however, I ordered their grilled chicken, half portion.

Half portions at this establishment are normal portions at home; whereas full portions are meant for stokers, rednecks and Billy Bunter.

They brought the yummy fresh bread with alioli. Beware. Their alioli is strong. Only consume it if you like garlic. I love it.

The chicken was fine, served with lettuce, a slice of tomato, and some chips.

My meal came to a not unreasonable €6.40, so I left them a generous tip.

AT THE moment I am installed comfortably in the Bar Bouganville.

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