Sunday, 12 April 2015

Belvoir Revisited

Belvoir's water feature in 2015

I took a brief stroll in Belvoir forest park, at Newtownbreda, County Down, this afternoon.

The river Lagan divides counties Antrim and Down here.

I'd been to Marks and Spencer's store at Forestside shopping centre.

Little remains of what was once one of the greatest estates in County Down, a seat of the Viscounts Dungannon, followed by the Bateson Baronets, Barons Deramore.

Site of former glass-houses

A visitor would be challenged to find much trace of the former demesne, except the old stable-yard, an ice-house, some remnants of walls and water features which were close to the extensive glass-houses.

There was a fountain and an ornamental stream.

Former glass-houses

Presumably the remnant red-brick walls enclosed the walled garden.

A fairly thorough job was done by the present owner in the obliteration of the great mansion-house - now the main car-park - and the parkland.

Nevertheless, a fine and beautiful forest park remains today for us all to enjoy; and for that we must be truly thankful.

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