Thursday, 23 April 2015

Piazza Grande

This evening I've enjoyed a simple Italian dish of macaroni in a bacon and tomato sauce. Given that I have a taste for the garlic, I requested extra, though they never realise the extent to which young Belmont craves the stuff. 

I could easily consume a few cloves of an evening.

Nevertheless, the macaroni duly arrived. I was seated outdoors, so I suppose one might describe the experience as being al fresco.

This tasty dish was served with the customary basket of toasted, sliced bread rolls or whatever.

Some sort of fancy oil came in a bottle, too; and Parmesan cheese.

By Jove, it was jolly good; especially for six or seven euros.

The native tongue at this establishment is Italian.

I'm seated beside two pretty girls and doubtless the interest is not mutual, as far as they are concerned at least.

Notwithstanding that regrettable fact, I shall enjoy my Tanqueray and linger awhile.

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