Wednesday, 29 April 2015

The Ugly Duckling: II

Last night I enjoyed another delightful dinner at The Ugly Duckling, Corralejo, where Henrik welcomes and looks after his customers with such aplomb.

I was warmly greeted and shown to a my table, where Henrik poured me a complimentary glass of Cava.

For the benefit of those of you who haven't been following my travels, The Ugly Duckling is a very small Danish restaurant, in a little street which isn't terribly far from the port and harbour.

It has six tables inside. The menu is limited to beef tenderloin, chicken breast, and fillet of salmon; and a Danish speciality of the day.

There is a choice of about three sauces and a variety of vegetables, including potatoes served chipped, mashed or roasted.

As a starter I chose the prawns in garlic butter with sour cream and onion.

My main course comprised a perfectly cooked, boneless fillet of salmon, with bearnaise butter, mashed potato, and spinach.

I had a glass of the very good house wine.

By this stage of the proceedings the long-suffering nose-bag was bursting to capacity; nevertheless, Henrik persuaded me to have a slice of their chocolate cake.

Everything was first-rate, beautifully prepared and executed; service exceptionally good, most courteous, and cordial.

I look forward to my next visit in several days time.

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