Friday, 24 April 2015

The Ugly Duckling

Today was fine and sunny, it transpired. After breakfast, I walked quite briskly across the town of Corralejo to a sort of shopping centre, where the Zara store is located.

Many, if not most, of the shops open at ten o'clock.

I have developed a liking for the cafĂ© condensado here, a rich concoction of the cocoa bean and sweet condensed milk.

During the afternoon, I settled at a small open-air bar called Bar Soul, in Music Square, where I encountered a couple of most agreeable Irish ladies. 

We chin-wagged for three hours, by Jove. I owe them a snifter.

THIS EVENING, I dined at The Ugly Ducking, a very small Danish restaurant in Calle La Ballena, Corralejo.

In a former existence it was called Los Pepes.

The decor today is unpretentious: White ceiling and walls; vintage Danish posters; six black tables.

Cognizant that this bijou restaurant is well sought-after for a table, I emailed them a few weeks ago and reserved my place on three occasions.

I was cordially welcomed by Henrik and shown to my table.

He brought me a complimentary glass of Cava.

Having perused the menu, I opted for the Green Salad, followed by the Dish of the Day (viz. creamy pork casserole).

The salad was delicious: tossed in a mustard dressing, with pickled gherkins in a ramekin at the side.

Fresh bread came with oil and olives.

The casserole was hearty, comprising lean pork, small potatoes, vegetables and a creamy sauce.

I also had a glass of the house wine which, at €2.50, was palatable and easy-drinking.

Henrik brought me a complimentary glass of his home-made licorice vodka liqueur, rich and flavourful.

The bill amounted to just over €20.

I've reserved a table here on two more occasions, so I bade them Farewell.