Sunday, 26 April 2015

Bombay Masala Restaurant

I spent another wonderful day on the beach, at El Cotillo, today. I've seen it busier, though. No matter.

I lunched on a mere apple, satsuma, and banana.

This light repast was more than compensated for by my meal this evening at Bombay Masala restaurant, Music Square, Corralejo.

I've been a customer here for several years and they know me now.

I'm always greeted cordially.

I took my usual table and ordered a beverage while I perused the menu.

Bombay Masala is an unpretentious, modest little place. The ambiance is quiet and simple.

There is background music, though one eats here for the good grub and charming staff.

Tonight I had the lamb Korma with onion pilau rice, accompanied by pescwari naan bread.

The lamb, unsurprisingly, melted in the mouth: it was lean and tender.

Everything was delicious indeed.

They brought me the complimentary liqueur with the bill, a reasonable €20.

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