Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Pizzeria Peperone

Timothy Belmont has abstained from the Devil's Brew today. Let us simply say that I had my fair share yesterday, here and there.

Yet again, I spent an agreeable day on El Cotillo beach. The sun shone all day.

Tonight I fancied a pizza so, having spent a few hours back at base freshening up and all that rot, I made a beeline for Pizzeria Peperone on Calle Iglesia, Corralejo.

This is a bright and cheerful little establishment run by Italians. There seems to be an established Italian community in this town.

Inside Peperone there are nine tables, robust wooden chairs in different, bold colours; blue place settings; and pictures of pizza vegetables on the walls.

ordered the garlic pizza bread, followed by a pizza with a fancy name, though including tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, artichoke, mushroom and garlic.

Timothy Belmont is a man who relishes his garlic by the bucketload. A whole clove would suffice on a pizza.

Alas, I think they sprinkle a few tiny pieces of the clove. They aren't at fault, I hasten to add.

Perhaps raw garlic in a sauce on some dish is an acquired taste: in this state it can be fiery and strong.

My meal and a soft drink came to €13.50.

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