Monday, 27 April 2015

Roads Scandal

The infrastructure - viz. the main streets - in Corralejo are being totally renovated for the 21st century.

They are becoming considerably more attractive for tourists, clearly a priority for Fuerteventura's economy.

The Main street in the town is taking years, literally, to complete.

However, an observer shall notice that the work is diligent, thorough and painstaking: costly blocks of stone are cut with a special saw and the result in indeed impressive.

IS IT NOT a shame that, in spite of similar endeavours on the main thoroughfares and squares of the capital city of Northern Ireland, utility companies are allowed to uproot expensive granite blocks and throw them unceremoniously in a tipper truck or skip?

Queen's Square, Belfast, is a good example.

In 2014, many months of work were ruined in a week or so by a utility company which drilled beautiful granite blocks from the ground and replaced them with Tarmac.

To my mind, this act amounted to criminal damage.

Let the contractor or sub-contractor be named and shamed.

Does the taxpayer have, or not have, a Right to know the name of the company which effectively stole the fine granite blocks at Queen's Square?

Should they not be punished, struck off future work for water, electricity, gas, telecommunication and other companies?

We elect politicians to deal with such matters.

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Wee Gee said...

Ref. the utility works at Queen's Square - I think that the employer of the contractor should be held responsible for the defacement of the area. I imagine that the employer should have stipulated how reinstatement works should be done. Failing that, did the DRD Roads Service permit such vandalism? Contractors (in the main) just do as little as they can get away with! Last resort - maybe contacting the regulator of whichever utility? Anyhow, scandalous behaviour!