Friday, 29 February 2008

Get A Website, Gourmet Burger Bank!

Almost every well-known restaurant has its own website nowadays. The menus, special offers, opening hours, ethos, values etc are all publicized in this manner.

A new restaurant is opening at Victoria Square shopping centre in Belfast soon: Gourmet Burger Kitchen, or GBK. It, like most others, has a very informative website with lots of details about itself. I look forward to sampling their fare whenever it opens.

I notice that Gourmet Burger Bank, on Belmont Road in Belfast and quite close to where I live, does not have a website. Presumably they've thought about it and decided not to bother; or they reckon it's not worth the money. How prudent is this, given the internet age we now live in?

Website titles are much sought after globally these days, so a new one needs to be registered quickly, or someone else may beat you to it! Tesco must have registered theirs as soon as the web was conceived, and their legal team would have been proactive there.

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John Self said...

A quick investigation suggests that they have registered both and .com, but haven't put a site on the domain yet. It's packed every time I go past, so I suppose they wonder why bother? (You can find out who any website is registered to by visiting a domain lookup service such as