Friday, 29 February 2008

Sunniest February Since Records Began

The United Kingdom has enjoyed its sunniest February since records began, according to the Meteorological Office at least. You could have fooled me. Perhaps I'm deluded, but it has seemed a fairly typical month, weather wise, to me. We'll simply have to take their word for it and hope for a sunny, dry and warm summer.

It was good to see the Ulster chap, Jonny Stevenson, doing so well to reach the Final in Masterchef yesterday. I'm sure he will attain his ambition to open a restaurant in Belfast or, indeed, Lisburn. The three finalists were all so excellent; shame they couldn't all be joint winners really.

We had Tesco's Finest Shepherd's Pie, accompanied by fresh spinach, yesterday. I was non-plussed about the pie; reminded me of school dinners in the sixties and seventies. I could easily have cooked a better one myself (but couldn't be bothered!).

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