Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Gourmet Burger Bank, Belmont Road, Belfast

It does what it says on the tin, so the saying goes. We've been to GBB several times since it opened some years ago. I don't think it has changed, so full marks for consistency. It used to be a bank, and my late uncle was one of its last Managers. This afternoon we sat close to where his office would have been!

We arrived about three o'clock. There were about a dozen other diners, and we were given a choice of tables; we chose Table Twelve.

We ordered a Blue Cheese Burger with coleslaw and onion rings; a Junior Chicken which, take note, was free-range; tea and water. The burger cost £6.50; the coleslaw £2; and the onion rings £2.25. Tea was £1.20.

The portions in this establishment are generous, so arrive with a good appetite. My burger was meaty and dressed with plenty of lettuce, onion and tomato; there was a tomato relish too. The baps were large with sesame seeds. The French-fried onions were home-made, just the right size and tasty. They came in a little bowl, as did the coleslaw which was exceedingly creamy. I mustn't grumble though: I enjoyed it! I merely managed to finish my meal, having left about one third of the coleslaw. My English breakfast tea was good and came in a small tea-pot.

The Dowager had Junior Chicken at £3.75. I'd like to see a kid finishing this, because it was generous: free-range chicken breast, fries, garnish and a bap. It filled the plate.

The service is no-nonsense here and efficient enough. I left them a tip of about ten per cent.

Incidentally, I recall that this building was a car showroom in the seventies.

Our total bill amounted to £15.70. I had to stop at the nearest petrol station on the way home for a fiver's worth of petrol; I was in the red (I'll fill up at Grand Parade where the petrol is cheaper).

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