Sunday, 17 February 2008

The New Promenade At Sunny Newcastle

Newcastle, County Down, hasn't half changed. For the better too, I think. The new promenade, or Seascape Project as it's officially known as, is a fine improvement.

We drove there today and parked at the car park beside the Percy French pub. Cosily installed overlooking the sea, we munched away at our egg mayonnaise sandwiches and tea (egg mayonnaise is too bland for me; I don't think I'll use that filling again). To use an old Ulster saying, the World and His Wife were there today, although the upgrading improvements to the town won't be finished till this summer; so there is practically a single lane for part of the main street.

I walked along a good part of the new promenade and it was pleasant to see so many happy, smiling families, young and old, strolling along in the sunshine.

I'd originally pondered us having a meal out, however this didn't happen in the event. We could have gone to the Burrendale Hotel, where we enjoyed a very good snack almost a year ago.

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