Saturday, 16 February 2008

Long Live Ebay!

Four of us drove into Holywood, County Down, this morning to have coffee and scones at the the Coffee Yard cafeteria. I must say that the coffee and home-made scones are excellent, the scones being freshly baked with butter and home-made jam too. It does no harm at all to have a change from the usual haunts, like their rivals the Bay Tree up the street.

I've been on a spending spree recently; the culprit being Ebay. I've acquired so many genuine bargains on Ebay that I am now a dedicated and faithful follower! My purchases have ranged from such obscure items as a copper, helmet coal scuttle to PG Wodehouse and through to my most recent purchase, an oven light bulb.

I upgraded my trusty computer this week with two 512mb RAM parts, so my PC is now 1gb, up from 256mb. It is speeding along like the proverbial clappers now! You can guess where I bought the extra RAM and the upgrade cost me thirty-two pounds.

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