Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Withdrawal Symptoms

I've been frustrated for the last few weeks by the closure of the swimming-pool at the Old School. I swim sixty lengths every time I visit the complex and, oh, how I miss it! The cause for closure this time is a faulty pump. Make do and mend, it is known as.

The showers in the male changing-room are still in a dreadful state too; suffering, believe it or not, from vandalism. There are about five shower-heads and most of them have been forcibly pulled off. Trouble is, they're left like this for weeks on end and whoever is responsible doesn't bother to do anything quickly. It's been like this for years on end now. You'd have thought that somebody in authority would have cottoned on to this by now.

I had an appointment with Carers NI today. I cannot speak highly enough about them and how helpful they are. They are prepared to get involved with carers proactively and supportively. Wonderful.

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