Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Keeping The Mini-Motorbike At Bay

On Friday afternoon I received a phone call from Betterhomes NI, inviting me to obtain a quotation for new double-glazing. I detest "cold-calling" and normally treat cold callers with impatience; however, since our front windows are beginning to fail what with moisture and condensation appearing between the panes of glass, I let them go ahead and a salesman arrived this afternoon.

He had a substantial window frame to show me and it was about twice the thickness of our present ones! There was a much bigger gap between the panes of glass too. Clearly there have been advances since the eighties.

Our front windows, which face southwards, are the ones I'd replace; so he gave me a quotation for those, naturally wanting me to say "yes" immediately. Since I'm getting another quotation tomorrow from a local glazier, I'll wait and see. Mind you, that Pilkington K Glass seems impressive. Tempting.

I've also had Smart Cars on the phone, confirming my interest in the Smart For Two Passion 84bhp model. It really would be a major dilemma changing my car, because so many people have admired the Z4, which is in great shape with 18,000 miles.

The Z4 manages about 22mpg around town; the Smart manages 44mpg and, moreover, almost 70mpg on the motorway. does it matter, if I'm doing 4,000 miles per annum?

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