Friday, 4 April 2008

A Dose Of Sunshine

This posting comes several thousand miles from the UK, in the Canary Islands. I'm spending a week in Tenerife to recharge the batteries.

I'd booked a taxi for 3.40 am this morning and the driver failed to turn up on time! He'd been given the wrong directions and ended up at a similar address in Cultra, beyond Holywood in County Down. What a shambles. Whoever took my booking obviously took the wrong details or misunderstood me. So the taxi didn't arrive till 4am , the time my bus left from the bus station. I was furious and made them aware of my annoyance.

It wasn't the driver's fault : he'd been given the wrong details. I was about to get the jalopy out of the garage when the taxi driver arrived and offered to take me to the airport for twenty pounds. Not wishing to dither any longer, I went ahead.

Clearly I'll have to be more explicit to them the next time, providing post code if necessary. I might write a complaint to valuecabs when I get home; then again, would it be worth it? I may just forget about it and put it down to experience. I complained to them verbally but I was badly let down.

I had a good flight, via Bristol ; weather is fine here and I've been sunbathing already this afternoon.


Anonymous said...


i dont work for valuecab i work for there rivals fonacab!!! but i think you would be doing the drivers of vaulecab a service if you did complain as desk staff can be very lax when taking details of customers (thats ares as well as valuecabs)and complains help keep them on there toes. Also when they do this they cost the driver work as well. Love the Blog and happy hols. belfasttaxidriver

Timothy Belmont said...

Hello John,

Delighted you enjoy the blog.

Valuecabs left a message on my phone while I was away: they want me to contact them to discuss the matter.