Sunday, 4 October 2009

Ards Peninsula Tour

What a fine autumn day. We decided to make the most of it, setting off in the baby two-seater in a southerly direction towards Mount Stewart. That new kind of by-pass round Newtownards does make a difference.

We stopped off at the Mount Stewart car park in order that I could have a look at the shop. I viewed the 2009 National Trust Christmas cards. I didn't find them particularly striking so, sadly, I didn't purchase any; and, instead, I bought one of those jute NT carrier bags.

Click on the image above for opening times.

From Mount Stewart, we motored further down the Peninsula, passing through Greyabbey and Kircubbin till we came to Horse Island, where I had a quick look at our handiwork earlier in the week. All is fine.

We drove on towards Quintin Bay and I had a glance at the Castle (below).

At Portavogie, we lunched at the Quays Restaurant. We had our usual prawn cocktails - served as a main course - and shared a little bowl of chips. The prawn cocktails were somewhat disappointing on this occasion: the prawns were fine and juicy; however, the oblong slab of barely-buttered wheaten bread was not like home-made bread; the prawns were barely coated in sauce which was hardly discernible; and the salad was less generous than on our previous visit. In hindsight I ought to have asked for more sauce.

Nevertheless, I still like the Quays; so we shall return again, though I shan't order the prawn cocktail.

Generally speaking, consistency is absolutely essential in catering; inconsistency has a deterrent effect. Thus, one mere restaurant in Northern Ireland - Deane's - with one Michelin Star, to their credit.

On our way home, we stopped off at Groomsport harbour, where I treated the Dowager to an ice-cream cone.


Anonymous said...

Thought this would be of interest to you.

Timothy Belmont said...

Many thanks for the tip!

Debrett's Guide to Etiquette and Modern Manners has a "Dress" section, which is informative too.