Friday, 2 October 2009

Shameful Planners

Cordial congratulations to The Ulster Architectural Heritage Society (UAHS) in their struggle to save the old warehouse building at the corner of Queen Street and College Street in central Belfast.

The UAHS is fighting tirelessly and admirably to preserve and conserve the city's heritage. They have just achieved High Court permission to challenge the planned demolition of the warehouse at 41-49, Queen Street.

The building's finest feature is a carved stone doorcase, the archway being supported on red granite colonettes with grape and acanthus capitals. The keystone boasts an Elizabethan gentleman's head, sporting a long beard, ruff and hat; flanked by shields, oak-leaves, roses and acorns; with bosses of thistles and shamrocks.

The planning department has got away with too much institutional vandalism, permitting developers to demolish our heritage.

What the bombers missed during the Troubles, the planners made up for!

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