Sunday, 25 October 2009

Hard Feet

It is remarkable how much hard, superfluous skin is shed when you walk on your bare feet; especially on rough ground like tarmac, sand and footpaths.

This phenomenon is particularly pertinent if, like self, you have been habitually wearing socks for a life-time. The consequence invariably results in the soles of your feet becoming soft. That's my experience.

Cognizant of this, I decided upon a regime, whereby I continually walked about, during most of the day, in my bare feet! I had to don my flip-flops occasionally, of course; but, whilst showering in the bath prior to the customary restorative, paying extra attention to my dirty feet - and when drying them - the amount of dead skin was, truly, remarkable.

I have begun to accelerate the process by the application of a foot-file at home. I think I've spotted a tiny verruca I never knew existed until now!

Moreover, you know that the regime is working when tiny stones and rough paths become less uncomfortable and more tolerable; whilst obviously keeping an eagle eye out for shards of glass.

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truly fascinating