Thursday, 15 October 2009

Fuerteventura: Day 5

I am glad to recount that I'm well settled and established at my accommodation now. I had a mighty thirst for the first four days; though that has subsided somewhat today.

The climate here is fine: dry, sunny and warm. The sea is warm too. The resort of Corralejo does seem to be on the quiet side. The Euro definitely doesn't buy as much as it used to - at least not for those of us from the UK. An average meal in a half decent restaurant sets you back in excess of twenty euros, excluding wine and pudding. The Lacoste shop is trying to sell their polo shirts for 75 euros! What a confounded rip-off: they're cheaper at home in Warnock's.

The milk they sell in the supermarkets comes in large, one litre Tetrapack-type containers; and it invariably goes off very swiftly, in my case. However, I've made a discovery: cans of leche condensada - sweetened, condensed milk. This stuff keeps very well in the fridge; thickens when chilled, thus making it easy to dispense; and omits the necessity for sugar or saccharin. I use it with coffee. I refrain from tea altogether.

The local supermarkets also sell a brand of streaky bacon which crisps up very well indeed. I think it's called Oscar something-or-other. I encountered a major snag though: Having placed the rashers directly on the microwave oven plate; placed some tissue thereon; and proceeded to cook them on the highest setting for a few minutes, the plate shattered! Admittedly the thought did occur to me to nip into another room and sneakily acquire a plate there; however, I decided that, in this instance, honesty was the best policy. I reported the breakage to Reception immediately and, to their credit, they replaced it without any quibble.

There ends the first overseas' bulletin. I'm off now to don the feedbag.

Hasta Luego.


Chad said...

Perhaps the bacon is Oscar Mayer? Very popular American brand over here.
Enjoy your stay!

Jill said...

Yes, the bacon IS Oscar Mayer, and they have a range of other meats available in all supermarkets.

Further details of Fuerteventura and the resort areas can be found on which was created to give free independent advice to travellers to the island.

Timothy Belmont said...

That's the chap! O. Mayer. Nice and fatty, thus great potential for supreme crispiness. Thin, too.