Saturday, 3 October 2009

Working Wellies

Until today I possessed three pairs of Wellington boots. Now I have four.

I have an old pair of Dunlop wellies for working in the garden and with the NT volunteers; a second pair of rather old Royal Hunters with hob-nailed soles; and a relatively recent pair of olive green Hunter Balmoral Classic Wellingtons for smarter occasions.

The old Dunlops are too small and tight. If I happen to be out on an island working all day, they can be quite uncomfortable.

I was at B&Q, the D-I-Y store, a few days ago and a rather good-looking pair of wellies caught my eye: the Dunlop Nature Wellington Boots (pictured left). I tried them on and, surprisingly, they were remarkably comfortable. They are olive green and they look well. More to the point, they will do well on my Volunteer Days.

So I revisited B&Q this afternoon and bagged a pair for the asking price of £15. Incidentally, B&Q at Holywood Exchange, near Belfast, now have self-service tills similar to Tesco. Pity the poor, redundant staff; still, I find it most convenient myself.

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