Monday, 5 October 2009

National Trust Tax Disc

Many years ago. the National Trust sold car tax disc holders. The outside was white, displayed the NT logo in dark green; and the tax disc could be displayed. Inside the car, there was a pouch for membership cards.

I must have purchased mine almost twenty years ago and, curiously enough, I am rather fond of it. I have found it most useful; and it has remained sticky so that I've been able to transfer it to four consecutive cars.

I have never noticed these little items for sale in National Trust shops. Presumably they are no longer made.

In an open plea to the Trust, would their Enterprises Department ever consider selling such an item in future?

I, personally, have been immensely proud to be a life member of the Trust for over thirty years.

His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, in his role as President of the National Trust, has written an article here.


David Turner said...

This is just what I want as well.
I need a new one for my car as the last one fell to pieces.
It is great for holding my NT membership cards.
David T

Timothy Belmont said...

Hello David,

Thanks fot the comment.

Why haven't they reintroduced these useful items?