Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Fuerteventura: Day 10

The climate here is still remarkably warm, sunny and dry; though I have been told that this is fortunate for the time of year. Winds have been fairly calm, too.

I still cannot "get over" the rate at which the euro dissipates for "us Brits". Virtual parity. I brought hundreds of euros with me; most of the cash has evaporated quite speedily in food and drink. And I certainly haven't been extravagant, by any means. I wish to buy the reception staff at my accommodation a "token" of my benevolent goodwill - some chocolates probably - so, anticipating this act, I shall need to have a few euros left for this. Of course I have VISA cards, though I'm too mean to use them lest I am charged.

The Irish are seemingly a "force to be reckoned with" in Corralejo. They have their spurious pubs, several in the town; and scheduled flights from Dublin. The Fuerteventura islanders are sanguine that Ryanair will shortly be permitted to resume flights to the island. They are welcome to O'Leary, as far as I am concerned. The popularity of Irish pubs abroad never ceases to astound me; I shouldn't be seen dead in one.

I have frequented three establishments whilst in Corralejo and El Cotillo: La Taberna, restaurant and grill; the Casbah, "eatery and house of pizza"; and Torino's beach bar at El Cotillo beach.

I have become fond of La Taberna. It was first established about twenty years ago by Juan and his wife, Ana. The restaurant is located at 3, Calle Hernan Cortes, Corralejo. Juan is exceptionally assiduous in his courtesy towards patrons. Their formula hasn't changed for many years; and they adhere to it, due to its success. Really fresh rolls of bread with exquisite alioli: excellent fillets of beef, trimmed to perfection, with fried saute potatoes; a little ramekin of finely-sliced salad - and another ramekin of mayonnaise; and the steak cooked to perfection without any fat at all. These standards never seem to change. Their prawn cocktail is also superb: reminiscent of the seventies at home. Thoroughly recommended.

The Casbah is a mere two years old. It is in Calle La Iglesia and the chef-proprietor is Michael, along with his wife Leann. They live in Villaverde, having originally come from Lancashire. This is a more casual type of place, though the cleanliness of this little restaurant - its spotless windows, for instance, has impressed me. They specialize mainly in home-made hamburgers with home-made chips, coleslaw and all the other trimmings. He also cooks "southern-fried" chicken; and pizza.

Torino's beach bar is a captivating - and most popular - beach shack at El Cotillo beach. Torino, a former fisherman, runs the place with his family - his English wife and the irrepressible Bill, his father-in-law! Bill's energy remains boundless.


Unknown said...

Enjoying reading your running commentary. Madame Oui and I had the pleasure of a two-week holiday in Corralejo earlier this summer: http://www.mrulster.org/2009/07/fuerteventura-2009.html

Timothy Belmont said...

Hi Mr Ulster,

Great to hear from you. Glad I'm not boring everyone to death!

Thought I'd "keep in touch" merely to let you all know that I'm still alive and kicking.

Normal service shall resume at the weekend...