Thursday, 22 October 2009

Laptops Abroad

There are abundant Internet "hot-spots" throughout Corralejo. Many cafes, restaurants and hotels openly advertize them. I can only assume that one's laptop picks up a connexion from the restaurant's router or "hub". Is this an advance on our network in the UK? Surely we require to use BT Openworld, BT Fon or a dongle whilst "out and about" at home?

This service is free, apart from the obligation to buy a cup of coffee or a drink.

I could have brought my little Mini 9 (Dell Inspiron Mini 9) after all.


Unknown said...

No, no advance on such services in the UK. Just that in the UK shops are more likely to charge you to access their hub (a la BT Fon, Boingo, etc.).

When Madame Oui and I were in Japan we were delightfully surprised to get free wireless access in the most remote places. Was able to use laptop built-in video camera and Skype for a real "wish you were here" experience!

Timothy Belmont said...

Great, thanks.

I forgot to bring a 3-pin Euro-plug adaptor with me anyway!

Must remember to write it on the List.


Owen Polley said...

Miserly hotels and airports in the UK almost always charge for wifi. Cafes sometimes offer free access, but quite often you're required to ask for a password.

Unknown said...

@Chekov Ah, but if you're a BT Broadband customer, you can access BT OpenZone and BT Fon wifi hotspots for free (as part of your broadband product). I have found this very convenient for my UK travels.