Monday, 7 June 2010

Car Service: I

I took the baby two-seater in for a routine oil service last Thursday. Having arrived home, I noticed oil stains on the drive. I peered underneath the car and saw a drip of oil about to drop.

I waited till Friday morning to see if it was still there. Having placed some cardboard under the engine, I had another look and there were more oil stains. I phoned them at nine-thirty and they told me they would call me back.

They called me back at the end of the day and wondered whether it was just some surplus oil from the re-fill; so I was told to phone back if any oil continued to leak.

Today I looked under the car this morning and there was a new stain on the cardboard as well as a drop. I phoned and asked for the particular person I'd dealt with on Friday. He was on another call, so I was told that he'd call me back.

Today at five I phoned back and was told that the particular person had gone home. I told them that he hadn't called me back. They said they'd leave a message for him first thing tomorrow morning.

The name of the dealership? Isaac Agnew.


Neil said...

Par for the course for a lot of car dealers, unfortunately - too many dealership staff still don't see the direct correlation between keeping customers happy, and them having a job.

The only way you'll get any action is to stand at the service desk tomorrow morning and ask loudly why your car is leaking oil after they serviced it.

The louder you ask, the quicker they'll fix the problem ... they don't want you scaring off too many potential customers, do they?

Timothy Belmont said...

Believe me, the suggestion is very tempting! I just don't want to raise my blood pressure and temper.

Whoever did the service on my car surely ought to be reprimanded or sacked, shouldn't they?

Mick Stella said...

Agnews..... enough said.