Thursday, 3 June 2010

Messrs Agnew & Fulton

I am presently sitting in Fulton's exceedingly good self-service restaurant at the Balmoral Plaza in south Belfast. Earlier I left the baby two-seater in for its first service.

I decided to remain in the vicinity and pooter about. Oh, the decadence, the decadence. So I've wandered in to Cotswolds outdoor store among others, not before having a browse inside Agnew's Mercedes-Benz showroom; their Bavarian showroom; and the Mini showroom, where I had a chat with a young salesman who, it transpired, came from County Fermanagh.

He told me about selling Subaru cars to Lords Caledon and Belmore when he worked at another dealership. I, naturally, promoted Lord Belmont, as one does. I have written much about counties Fermanagh and Tyrone.

I have a photograph - which I'll publish later- of my meal at Fulton's which, as ever, I enjoyed enormously: Savoury mince tart with salad and their sublime mustard dressing. It came to about £9.40. A word of praise about the readily available free wi-fi at Fulton's. You simply go up to the counter and ask for an access code. What a welcome and admirable service to patrons like self! It is almost 12.30 and I await a call from Agnew's to inform me that my car is ready.

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Anonymous said...

Fultons is excellent: it developed from a very tradional hardware shop in Queen Street in Lurgan up to the 70s then evolving,under the leadership of Cyril Fulton and his siblings and family, to the status it has today. Well done to them for identifying the market and providing excellent customer service.