Thursday, 24 June 2010

The Funeral

It is over. It began at the usual hour this morning, when I showered and spruced myself up; then pootered about a bit.

Some members of the family arrived at ten o'clock. The limousine picked us up at ten-thirty and we were driven to the funeral chapel.

Without going in to the detail, it was a lovely little service. I was heartened to see so many old friends, colleagues and cousins.

Quite often, matters do not turn out as one had feared, and I bore up reasonably well. My uncle gave a fine eulogy. Everyone was invited home after the funeral and we had tea, coffee, drinks, sandwiches and some cocktail sausages. I particularly wish to thank my aunt and uncle for arranging the sandwiches; and Craig and Anna, who most kindly provided a tray of scones.

I'll most likely have an early night tonight and, hopefully, waken refreshed on Friday morning.

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