Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Taxing Issues

I was in central Belfast again today for my appointment with the Tax Office. All the pertinent and requisite certificates were produced and it all seems most sanguine. I hope to receive a letter from them in September.

Thence I walked over to W H Smith, stationers, and bought some Thank You cards. They have a fair selection.

The larger bedroom I'm now using at home has ghastly curtains; or, at least, they do not fit properly. I ambled into the Spinning Wheel and chose a pair which should suffice in the interim, though I might require extra "black-out" lining later.

I'd intended to lunch in Town, though it was far too early and I wasn't particularly hungry anyway.


Peregrine's Bird Blog said...

If you ever want really good handmade curtains Anna Sandford does an excellent job. (Julian's sister in law)

Timothy Belmont said...

I might change the curtains in the living-room because the present ones cover the radiator!

Anonymous said...

I bought black out lining in Paragon to fit bedroom window and put it up with velcro at bedtime. Took it down in morning, it does the job without having to attach them to curtains.