Saturday, 26 June 2010

The Lord Bannside

I've been a bit behind the times this week; however, I noticed in a paper last night that the Rev Ian Paisley, 2nd First Minister of Northern Ireland, has chosen his title as the Right Honourable Ian Richard Kyle Baron Bannside PC. The barony is a life peerage and is non-hereditary.

The title was revealed on the 18th June and Lord Bannside will be introduced in to the House of Lords on the 5th July, 2010.

Lady Bannside has a life barony in her own right as the Baroness Paisley of St George's.

Lord and Lady Bannside's five children are all entitled to use the prefix "Honourable" before their names.


Anonymous said...

Tim, I totally missed this too! Very interesting to see that he has opted for a proper title!

Hope things are o.k. with you.


thefitzgerald said...

o mi gawd..the HONOURABLE!!!!! and this for posterity! Hon Ian ?????? whew!!!!!
And t' other wan..Hon.Rhonda..(Sammy W's one-time & subsequent cop-out)....wot a turn up for history. Ah well, I reckon the Labour Party Stalinists had toget some revenge for all the merd they encountered here in N I

Timothy Belmont said...

The good Doctor has a sense of history on his lordship's shoulders! All OK, so far, thanks, W.

I know, Fitzy. Gawd help us.