Tuesday, 29 June 2010


I motored up to the swimming-pool yesterday evening in the expectation that I'd be able to enjoy some swimming prior to the old school's closure at the end of term.

Disappointingly, and for the umpteenth time, the place was deserted, scaffolding lined one wall and the cover was on top of the pool.

Members had been told, by email, that the pool would be closed last week for pump maintenance. I understand the Sports Club when they would say that the matter is beyond their control.

I have no confidence in the day-to-day supervision at the swimming-pool; moreover, I'd have sacked at least one person many years ago.

Earlier on Monday I moved my main computer and printer into another bedroom in order to see whether it would be preferable there, or not. By the end of the day I'd taken it all back into its old location!

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