Monday, 14 June 2010

Taxing Man

I paid a fleeting visit to the Tax Man - or should that be Tax Person? - at their GHQ in Wellington Place, Belfast this morning. I had to make a blasted appointment with them for Thursday. Their first offer was for nine, though I swiftly suggested nine-thirty, which was available.

I strode across the street and over to Howard Street, where I ventured into T M Lewin's shop and treated my self to a silk navy scatter spot tie.


belfast cabby said...

You went to see the Tax man voluntarily!!
Hell no, i try to avoid him at all costs not because i dont pay my fare share cos i do but nothing good ever come for him.

Beware Tim Beware!

Timothy Belmont said...

I'm endeavouring to "claw back" a bit from him! :-)

Anonymous said...

Is a decent silk tie a taxable expense for a lord?

Rossetti's Wombat

Timothy Belmont said...

They'd laugh me out of court if I claimed for that!