Monday, 29 November 2010

Car Insurance

I've had plenty of interest from car insurers, following my application for quotations from them all regarding the new jalopy.

The snag is that my current insurer has a stipulation whereby they will only insure certain vehicles if a tracking device is fitted. How much do these things cost per annum?

A company called Renew phoned me five minutes ago. I am under no immediate pressure because Mercedes-Benz insure the car themselves for a week following purchase.

Most quotations I've received have been ca £500.

My boiler thermostat has five incremental settings and I normally keep it at Level Three. I have bumped it up to Four today.


Neil said...

Here are some prices on trackers ...

When I was buying my Z4 I enquired about getting a tracker fitted - the dealer said they did do them, but he then asked me if I'd really want my car back if it had been stolen (and probably trashed) by some little scrote who is living off my taxes.

In the end I went for GAP insurance, which pays back the difference between what I paid for the car, and how much the insurance company paid out in the event of a theft or writeoff. It typically costs a few hundred pounds, and lasts for 3 years from the purchase of the car.

I wouldn't worry about your insurance company wanting a tracker fitted - there are plenty of companies out there who don't, and they may well offer insurance for less than your current company. When looking for insurance, also often give good cashback on insurance.

Timothy Belmont said...

That's very interesting indeed. Thanks, Neil.