Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Mount Stewart Update

As a consequence of the passing of Lady Mairi Bury, a reader has kindly sent me an update of affairs at Mount Stewart:-

"I visited Mount Stewart yesterday on the last day the house was open to the public this year. I'm told that the Marquess of Londonderry did indeed attend the memorial service for Lady Mairi and that he and several members of the family stayed at Mount Stewart.

Lord Londonderry was given the Rome bedroom, which incidentally is the only one shown to visitors.
I am also told that Lady Rose Lauritzen has been at Mount Stewart for most of time since her mother died, as there is much to sort out.

Her influence is already in evidence in the house, with several new portraits and pictures on display. She has also restored the original dining table to the dining room. This replaces the traditional Irish coffin table, which was certainly a curiosity but was also rather out of proportion to the room. "

I am grateful to Jonathan Kennedy for this information.


Gavin Bamford said...

Lady Mairi Bury's stamp collection auction is currently being advertised. Gavin

Jonathan Kennedy said...

Happy to keep everyone updated on matters at this great Northern Irish house.

Is there an email address I can write to you at?

Timothy Belmont said...