Monday, 8 November 2010

On Lisburn Road

I bought a net pack of clemantines last week and every confounded segment contains about three pips. How irritating!

I was over at south Belfast this morning, paying my uncle and aunt a visit. I ordered some books for her online and delivered them, whilst catching up on family news.

Thence I called at a tailor's shop on the Lisburn Road. I had swatches of 20 ounce Harris Tweed cloth with me and obtained an approximate figure for a three-piece suit.

John McBride, the Belfast tailor, is now based there and is semi-retired. We were nattering and it transpires that he was lunching at the Ulster Reform Club last Friday at the same time as self! We reminisced about that divine steak-and-oxtail anniversary pudding.


Anonymous said...

My Lord

I assume you graced Clarke & Dawe with your patronage where Mr McBride is tailoring for gentlemen and those who aspire to be gentlemen. They are located opposite the constabulary on the Lisburn Road and enjoy the custome of,inter alia, the nobility, the judiciary and the magistracy as well as gentlefolk of all persuasions and none.

Timothy Belmont said...

Well guessed indeed!