Sunday, 21 November 2010

Rotten Bishop

I call upon the Lord Bishop of London to summarily dismiss his suffragan Bishop of Willesden, the Right Reverend Peter Broadbent, for his utterly disgraceful and disrespectful remarks regarding the betrothal of Prince William of Wales and offensive comments, too, about the Prince of Wales and "the Porcelain Doll" (Diana, Princess of Wales or Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall?).

I am in complete agreement with Archbishop Cranmer on this.

The Bishop's remarks are completely unacceptable, to my mind. There ought to be no place in the established Church of England for outspoken and blatantly republican bishops.


Sandy said...

The church of England appears more hopeless every day. There appears to be little moral guidance or any hint of leadership from the top.

Timothy Belmont said...

I'm sure the man is a decent chap and does a vg pastoral job, but his comments, even if taken in the wrong way, are disappointing.

Irishlad said...

Ok then,if you include the 10 years they've been together that would make it 17 in total...i've a feeling he forgot about that....idiot.